Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technician

Major Appliance and Refrigeration Repair - Manatee Technical College

Program Content: The Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technician program offers a broad foundation of knowledge and skills and hands-on laboratory activities to prepare students for employment in appliance and refrigeration repair including Electrical Theory, circuit construction, the Lokring system, Wiring Symbols and how to read wiring diagrams, advanced recovery and charging procedures for the following: refrigerants R134a, R410a, and new Isobutane R600a. Diagnose, install, maintain, and repair today’s refrigerators, ovens, microwaves,
dishwashers, washers, and dryers. Utilize advanced diagnostic equipment in a modern facility. Many graduates have taken their trade skills in countless directions and even started their own service companies.

Length of Program: 1200 hours – approximately 11 months full time to complete

Industry Certification: Graduate – Certified Appliance Professional (GCAP)

Download State of Florida Frameworks Sheet: Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technician 

Required Books and Materials: Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technician

Estimated Total: $4,500*

Location: MTC Main Campus, 6305 State Road 70 East, Bradenton, FL 34203 | 941.751.7900

For More Information: Contact Xela Brutus, 941.751.7900 x 1034, Email


*An additional fee for a uniform, books, supplies and various materials is required. Fees for certifications and/or licensure may or may not be required.


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