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Program Content: The Advance Welding Program consists of Pipe Welding with Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel using Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Welding processes in the 1G to the 6GR positions. Pipe fitting techniques and Blueprint Reading.

Length of Program: 750 hours – approximately 7 months to complete

Pre-requisite: the advanced program requires successful completion of Welding Technology and or Structural certification.

Industry Certification:
American Welding Society Certified Welder
1. 6G position 6” Carbon steel pipe SCH. 80 6010 root pass 7018 fill and cap
2. 6G position 2” Carbon steel pipe SCH. 80 6010 root pass 7018 fill and cap

Download State of Florida Frameworks Sheet: Welding Technology – Advanced

Required Books and Materials: Welding Technology – Advanced

Estimated Total: $4,300*

Location: MTC Main Campus, 6305 State Road 70 East, Bradenton, FL 34203 | 941.751.7900

For More Information: Contact Roderick Mitchell: 941.751.7900 x 1032, Email

AWS Testing available on:
2” and/or 6” Carbon Steel Pipe:
6G SMAW Open Root/No Backing
6G GTAW Open Root/No Backing Followed By SMAW
A 6G Pipe Test qualifies a welder to weld all weld joints in all positions in plate and pipe.


*An additional fee for a uniform, books, supplies and various materials is required. Fees for certifications and/or licensure may or may not be required.

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