Crisis Intervention

To provide criminal justice officers training on the legal aspects of and the most effective and up-to-date crisis intervention strategies, including advanced de-escalation, diffusion, Active Listening and negotiation. Students will apply these skills and received...

Equivalency of Training

Prior to registering for the class, you MUST email a 76 form completed by either a Florida Law Enforcement Agency or Florida Selection Center to Once received and approved, we will notify you to proceed to register and make payment. ...

Interviews & Interrogations (40 hours)

To provide criminal justice officers with the skills and techniques for conducting effective interviews during an investigation. Location: (East Campus) 5540 Lakewood Ranch Blvd, Bradenton FL 34211 Contact: Suzie Moreno 941.752.8100 x 2016

Middle Management

To prepare middle managers in criminal justice agencies to function effectively in their role. For More Information Contact Suzy Moreno, 941.752.8100 x 2016,
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