Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology

Program No. 1470203

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology
The Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Program prepares students for an entry-level position as an air conditioning, refrigeration and heating technician. This includes learning additional basic skills in transport refrigeration and energy management. Students gain the necessary knowledge and skills to diagnose electrical and mechanical malfunctions and to make necessary repairs, replacements or installations of related equipment. Curriculum includes concepts of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating, functions of fluids, pressures, and refrigerants, plus safety procedures and tool care and use. Training includes the use of testing equipment, piping and tubing fittings, and basic electricity as applied to the trade and control systems for residential heating/cooling systems. Students will also gain hands-on experience using compressors, evaporators, condensers, and metering devices, mechanical/electronic and air handling fans.


The program prepares students for EPA certification (necessary to be employed in any job that requires work with refrigerants) and HVAC Excellence Certification.

Course Sequence/Occupational Completion Points



Course Number


Course Title


Course Length


Time to Complete*






Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Helper


250 Hours


2 .5 months






Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic Assistant


250 Hours


2.5 months







Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic 1
Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic 2


250 Hours

250 Hours


2.5 months

2.5 months






Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technician


350 Hours


3.5 months




Total/Full Program

1350 Hours

13.5 months

* Time to complete is approximate and based on full time attendance.
For more information regarding career details, as well as the skills necessary to be successful in the plumbing industry, follow these links:

A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Helper

A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Mechanic Assistant

A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Mechanic 1

A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Mechanic 2

A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Technician

Career Potential and Outlook

Job prospects for heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers are excellent, particularly for those who have completed training from an accredited technical school or a formal apprenticeship. Job opportunities should be best in the fastest growing areas of the country. Many contractors have reported problems finding enough workers to meet the demand for service and installation of HVACR systems. (Source:

Entrance/Exit Requirements

Language, math and reading competencies are pre-assessed. The required basic skills grade levels for this program are Reading – 9.0, Math – 9.0, and Language 9.0 and must be met prior to progam completion.

Please see the Career Preparation section of the Tech Times for class schedule, location, and fees.

Intructor(s): Ferraro, Forbes, Afanasiev


Job Placement Rate:

Estimated Program Cost:
Please see fee chart for current costs.

On-time Completion Rate:


Median Loan Debt:

$0 – MTC does not take part in any student loan program.



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