District Tobacco-Free Policy

Use of all Tobacco Products is prohibited in/on all school board owned or leased property, including, but not limited to, all interior and exterior parts of schools, administration buildings, ancillary facilities, work sites, athletic fields and facilities, and vehicles, as well as at any event sponsored by schools or the District. Violation of this policy will subject employees to appropriate discipline. Any non-employee who has been given notice of this policy by a school official and fails to comply will be asked to leave the premises. Any person who is asked to leave the premises and refuses or who leaves but returns without permission shall be deemed a trespasser and shall be subject to arrest. “Tobacco Products” includes, but is not limited to, real or electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or blunts; rolling/loose tobacco; smokeless tobacco such as chewing tobacco, dip, or snuff; or any other substance containing tobacco, or product simulating the use or effects of tobacco.


For the purpose of this rule, the terms person and individual include, but are not limited to all students, employees and volunteers.

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