Emergency Vehicle Driver Training (EVDT)

Register: manateeschools.revtrak.net/MTC/fire/#/list

Formerly known as EVOC, this is a 16-hour class and includes 8 hours of lecture and 8 hours of practical driving. Students in the VFIS class will have the opportunity to gain and/or verify a broad range co competencies associated with driving emergency vehicles. These competencies include a basic understanding of emergency vehicle operations, as well as the skills necessary for practical application. The class will include testing in the written format and a practical portion consisting of a cone course for both new and experienced emergency vehicle drivers. Students must successfully pass both the written and driving tests to receive a certificate. The class uses a fire engine for the driving portion. VFIS approved.

Tuition: $150 (cost includes book)

Location:MTC East Campus Fire Science Building5530 Lakewood Ranch Blvd.Bradenton, FL 34212

Contact: Kelly Gairing, 941.752.8100 x 47008, gairingk@manateeschools.net

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