Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I apply to become a student?

Manatee Technical College requires an online application located on our website: by clicking the “Apply Here” button.

When can I take a tour of the school?

Manatee Technical College offers tours during Information Sessions. For upcoming Information Session dates/times please visit our website at

What are your business hours?

We are open Monday, Tuesday, and Friday 7:30am – 3:30pm and Wednesday and Thursday 7:30am – 6:00pm. Summer hours may vary. Manatee Technical College is closed for holidays, and all School District of Manatee County school closures.

When can I apply for the next term?

Application opening dates are posted on our website:

I’ve been accepted – what do I do next?

Congratulations! Students will receive an official notice of acceptance email, and a secondary email providing your student login. Use this login to enroll in classes, complete any Financial Aid to-do list requirements, and make initial payments before classes begin. You must enroll in your courses in order to have your tuition and fees calculated.

Who is my Career Counselor?

All Career Counselors and their assigned programs are available on our website at

I want to change my program of Interest, what do I do?

Contact the Career Counselor for the program you want to change to. The Career Counselor can update your application to reflect the change and update your to-do list requirements. All Career Counselors and their assigned programs are available on our website at

How do I submit my to-do list documents?

To-Do List documents can be submitted in person to the Student Services office at Main Campus or via email to . Emailed documents must be PDF attachments, include the student’s first and last name, and the 6-digit student ID number.

Where do I get my to-do list forms from?

Each to-do list item in your student portal is clickable for more information – and is linked to an information box that opens when you click on each item.

Helpful hint – make sure your pop-ups are not blocked when clicking on your to-do list items. On a laptop, it is best to use Chrome.

What happens to my to-do list documents for my application after I submit them to Student Services?

Student Services uses these documents to create your official electronic student record.  Documents are processed, then submitted to your Career Counselor for review and approval. Documents submitted to Student Services are property of Manatee Technical College. Students are responsible for maintaining personal copies of any documents. Documentation will not be returned to a student.

I submitted my to-do list documents and have not received any updates – what do I do next?

Please allow 3-5 business days after submitting your documentation to hear from your Career Counselor. If you are accepted to your program or If there is an issue with your documentation your Career Counselor will contact you. If you have not received any information after 5 business days contact your Career Counselor to discuss your status.

What can I do in my Student Portal?

Students who are still applying can view their to-do list items and view their application status.

  • Students who have been accepted can access:
  • Financial Aid to-do list requirements & awards
  • Class enrollment information
  • Class schedules
  • Grades
  • Payments for tuition and fee information
  • Personal information like phone number and address etc.

Feel free to click on all areas of your Student Portal and explore what is available to you.

How do I obtain a receipt for payments I have made in the Student Portal?

The Cashiering/Student Financial office on Main Campus can provide a printed receipt. You need to present your student ID and student number.

The Student Portal is not working on my phone/laptop, what do I do?

MTC’s Student Portal is supported by Android and PC devices. You can access your portal from your Apple devices, however some features (such as making payments) will not be available. Google Chrome & Internet Explorer are the recommended search engines for accessing your portal. All students are encouraged to utilize the computers available at Student Services on the Main Campus to access the Student Portal.

I can’t log into my account – what do I do?

Call Student Services at 941.751.7900, x 1108 or email Provide your Student ID number and we will assist you with accessing your accounts.

Do I have to check my student email account?

YES, it is very important for students to monitor their MTC assigned email accounts. This is how you receive critical information from your instructor, Student Services, Financial Aid, Student Financial or your Career Counselor.

What do my holds mean?

All applicants are given a Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) hold when applying. All Career and Technical Students are required to take the TABE test within 6 weeks of admission.   Documentation proving exemption from this requirement can be submitted to Student Services for review, and the hold will be removed.

Students ineligible for exemption must take and pass the TABE test in order for this hold to be removed. Contact the Testing Center at Main Campus for TABE test dates & times

This hold does NOT prevent you from moving forward in the admission process or enrolling in classes after being accepted as a student.

All students are given an Exit Survey hold. Upon completion of your program, MTC is asking you to complete the Exit Survey and provide feedback regarding your time as a student. This hold does not prevent you from completing the admission process or enrolling in classes.

Any additional holds can be discussed with your assigned program Career Counselor

How do I complete my Exit Survey?

The URL for the Exit Survey is in your Student Portal and is to be taken upon completion of your program. This is not a clickable link – you will need to copy and paste the URL into your browser window. You will also need to be logged into your MTC Email account at the time you enter the URL to be granted access to the Exit Survey.

How do I obtain a transcript?

Complete a Student Records Request form via the website at or walk-in to Student Services to complete the form. The is an $8.00 fee that can be paid at the bookstore, cash or check only. You can mail a check with a copy of your driver’s license, and a copy of the Student Records Request form.

Students who graduated more than 5 school years ago will need to complete a Records Request with the School District of Manatee County.

GED® Students need to request through – Manatee Technical College does not provide GED transcripts or diplomas.

How do I obtain an Education Verification?

You can complete a Student Records Request form via the website at or walk-in to Student Services to complete the form. If your requesting agency provides a form to use, give that form to the Student Services/Records secretary on Main Campus to complete for you and submit back to the agency.

Education Verifications are also available in your student portal for currently active students.

How do I submit my Financial Aid to-do list documents?

To-Do List documents for Financial Aid can be submitted in person to your Financial Aid Specialist on Main Campus or via email to Emailed documents must be PDF attachments, and include the student’s first and last name, and the 6-digit student ID number.

When are payments due?

Exact payment due dates are posted in your student portal. For assistance contact Student Finance/Cashier at 941.751.7900 x 1163

How do I complete a Loan Deferment form?

Your student loan agency will provide you with the required form. Fill out the student sections of the form and take it to the Student Services/Records secretary on the Main Campus. The school will complete the form and send it back to the agency.

Where do I get my textbooks?

Textbooks can be purchased at the MTC bookstore located at the Main Campus on State Road 70.

What supplies do I need for the first day?

Students should come prepared with textbooks, required kits/materials, full uniform, Student ID, and any other supplies you need to be ready to learn.

Where do I get my uniform?

Uniforms can be purchased at the Bookstore on Main Campus programs. Scrubs for East Campus programs will need to be purchased at any store that sells scrubs. Color requirements will be available at the Bookstore.

Where do I get my Student ID and Parking Decal?

Once you have made your initial payment including the Administrative Fee, you can pick up your Student ID and Parking Decal Voucher from the Cashier’s office on Main Campus. Take this voucher to the Bookstore to have your picture taken and receive your Student ID and parking decal.

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