Manatee Technical Institute culinary students create, serve delightful meal (Bradenton Herald)

Manatee Technical Institute treat!

Take an hour to enjoy a delightful trip down memory lane. Four ladies from Horseshoe Cove did just that and we couldn’t have been more delighted. If you close your eyes, you will think you are on a lovely cruise ship sitting at the captain’s table eating food fit for guests of honor.

On MTI’s campus, we were greeted at the door of The Whetstone Restaurant, escorted to our reserved table and met our well-trained server. The room was cozy and the music was delightful.

We ordered our meal, sipped our tea and nibbled on hot, made on the site bread and rolls. We were served a delicious luncheon and topped off our meal with the most extraordinary desserts one could imagine.

Our scrumptious meal was served and prepared by the culinary arts students and baking and pastry students at the new Manatee Technical Institute, 6305 State Road 70 in East Bradenton!

Do treat yourself. The cost is very affordable and you’ll leave feeling warm, happy and satisfied!

Ann Jerman

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