Medical assistants graduate from Manatee Technical College on election day


(Bradenton, FL—November 8, 2016)   Seventeen students graduated from the Medical Assisting program in a pinning ceremony at the Manatee Technical College East Campus on November 8, 2016.

Graduating from the career certificate program were Alexia Brown, Nikea Castillo, Retorria Clark, Abigail Costides, Heidi Dunkle, Olivia Edwards, Zuly Garcia, Jillian Ginsberg, Mary Gomes, Jessica Helm, Erica Hoyos, Sheila Ivings, Graciela Perez-Pascual, Karla Sereno, Brooke Tesh, Mari Vasquez, and Matthew Walter.

Donning her “I voted” sticker, class president Jessica Helm led the class in the recitation of the Medical Assistant’s Creed at the end of the ceremony.

All of the graduates achieved national certification as technicians in Phlebotomy and EKG.  Of the 14 graduates who have taken the national certification exam for medical assistants thus far, 12 have passed.   To date, 15 of the 17 graduates have received job offers.

 PHOTO:  Jessica Helms voted and graduated on the same day.  She is one of 17 students who graduated from the medical assisting program in a traditional pinning ceremony at Manatee Technical College on November 8.  Helms was the class president; Linda Chamberlain is the program coordinator.  Chamberlain reported that 15 of the graduates have already received job offers.

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