MTC Fire Fighter Academy graduates 15

Jensen Kebler Accruso

(Bradenton, FL—June 6, 2015)  Class number 24 graduated from Manatee Technical College’s Fire Fighter II program on June 6, 2015.

PHOTO: Cameron Jensen was presented the award for Best Time on the Combat Challenge by instructors Bill Kebler and Vic Accruso (right).  Jensen is one of 15 graduates of the Fire Fighter II program at Manatee Technical College.

The 15 graduates were Carlos Acosta, Brandon Baserva, Alejandro Bueno, Brenden Chapman, Nicolas Hotsenpillar, Cameron Jensen, Andrew Kurutz, Clayton Lease, Pedro Lopez, Ryan Nelson, Christopher Rich, Rexsie Rivera, Zack Schwalbe, Gregory Vogel, and Michaela Wynn.

Graduate Ryan Nelson was given an award for Best in Academics for a 93% average.  Cameron Jensen was presented an award for Best Time on the Combat Challenge; he completed the challenge in two minutes 45 seconds (2:45).  (The students must complete the challenge in nine minutes; most complete it in four minutes.  The academy record is 2:27.)  Zack Schwalbe won the award for Best in Skills.

MTC received word earlier in the week that all 15 graduates had passed the required state test to become a Certified Fire Fighter in the State of Florida.

Superintendent Diana Greene, PhD, congratulated the graduates and encouraged them to continue to be “every day heroes.”  She also thanked their families for supporting them while they were in school.

Fire Science Academy coordinator Henry Sheffield told the audience, “They started out as students.  They are now known as fire fighters.”

For more information on the MTC Fire Science Academy, please contact Coordinator Sheffield at 941.752.8100 x 2193.

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