MTC student saves a man’s life — earns award

(Bradenton, FL—January 11, 2019)  Manatee Technical College practical nursing student Deliana Marte earned a Lifesaving Award this week from the Manatee County Department of Public Safety Emergency Medical Services.

When Marte, who is also a medical assistant at Ellenton Urgent Care, went to work one day, she didn’t anticipate needing to help paramedics save a man’s life.

She was administering an EKG when the patient suffered what is commonly known as a widow-maker heart attack.  Marte administered compressions while paramedics defibrillated him and started an IV.

After hospitalization and further care, the patient made a full recovery.  Only a small percentage of people survive this type of heart attack, and only with immediate care.

It was the first time Marte had administered CPR on a live patient.  She will graduate in June and plans to become an RN.

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