MTC wins 16 medals at state SkillsUSA, Advisor Honored


(Bradenton, FL—April 17, 2023) Manatee Technical College students won 16 medals at the Florida SkillsUSA 2023 State Leadership and Skills Conference in Jacksonville.  Four students won first place; five came in second, and seven took third place.  Of the 16 medalists, 15 were in the college division, and one was in the high- school division.  

MTC’s first-place winners were Arik Edstrom in 5-Axis CNC Milling Shamya Andrews in Action Skills, Jason Watkins in CNC Milling, and Paula Cardenas in Culinary Arts. All are in the college division.  First-place winners will compete in the SkillsUSA Championships in Atlanta in June.  

MTC’s college division silver medalists were Cohen Frisbie in Barbering, Dylan Mattraw and Vincent Manzano in Cybersecurity, Ryan Lazarus in Diesel Technology, and Luciano Calvillo in Electrical Construction Wiring.   Bronze medalists in the college division were Erika Estrada-Reyes in Advertising Design, Christian Zambrano in Barbering, Frances Saez Vazquez in Culinary Arts, and Alen Martinez, Christian Kuntz and Pablo Matta in Welding Fabrication.  Erick Zelaya placed third in HVAC in the high school division.  

Michelle Meluch honored with Bill Mann Legacy Award and Regional Leader Award

Michelle Meluch, SkillsUSA Coordinator for MTC, was honored with the Bill Mann Legacy Award and the Regional Leader Award.  The legacy award recognizes an individual that upholds the SkillsUSA organization and its members by continually and consistently giving back to FL-SkillsUSA.  Meluch was the Regional Coordinator for over 10 years and a Board Member for equally as long.  

Current regional coordinator Denise Walker said, “Michelle has always been selfless when it comes to SkillsUSA.” She said Meluch deserved to be recognized for the multitude of students and advisors she as supported through their SkillsUSA journeys, the hours of coordination and travel to conduct regional and state championships, and “the support she has always provided to everyone that needs ANY assistance!”

Michelle Meluch receiving the Bill Mann Legacy Award

PHOTO: Michelle Meluch (2nd from right) being presented with the Bill Mann Legacy Award at the Florida SkillsUSA 2023 State Leadership and Skills Conference in Jacksonville by Florida SkillsUSA Chairman of the Board TJ Thoss (far left), Florida SkillsUSA State Director Jessica Graber (middle left) and State Officer President Paige Weaver (far right).  Meluch is the SkillsUSA Coordinator for Manatee Technical College.  She has been involved with SkillsUSA (or its predecessor VICA) for over 25 years.  She was the regional coordinator and board member for over 10 years.  Meluch was also honored with the Regional Leader Award.  

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