Nursing students graduate from Manatee Technical College

PN grads June Sturdy Sarah Delke Bona Hallmon listen to speaker

PN grads June Sturdy, Sarah Delke, and Bona Hallmon listen to speaker

(Bradenton, FL—December 17, 2015)   The Practical Nursing evening program at Manatee Technical College held a graduation ceremony on December 17 in Cantrell Hall.  Nineteen students completed the licensure program.  This was the one of the smaller graduation ceremonies scheduled throughout the year for Manatee Tech.

Nursing instructor Misty Cone, RN, spoke of the lighting of the lamp, a tradition that started with Florence Nightingale, who tended wounded soldiers by the light of the lamp.  “The lit lamp is a symbol of gentleness, kindness and comfort—this is what we offer, this is what we give,” said Cone.  “Let the light guide you to what your calling is.”

Each graduate called a loved one to the stage to pin them.  As they walked off the stage, Cone handed each of them their lit nursing lamp.

Student speaker Katrina Shultis spoke to her classmates, “This program was a total of two years. However, in our evening program we still managed to work full-time jobs, fill the roles of amazing super-hero moms, loving daughters, sisters, friends, girlfriends and wives all while studying for exams and attending class and clinicals…As a class we have laughed together, cried together and have stuck by each other’s sides despite all that was put in our path.”

Graduates participated throughout the ceremony.  June Sturdy sang a prelude.  U.S. Navy Veteran Jenny Cashman led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Clovia Miller led her fellow graduates in the recitation of the Nursing Pledge, Chelsea Sears-Coons closed with a Nurse’s Prayer.

Instructor Kimberly Cuavers, MSN, RN, also spoke to the graduates.  “They have yet to realize the life experiences and emotions they have had will help them with the challenges of nursing.  We are excited and proud to see them continue their journey.”

MTC Director Doug Wagner also addressed the graduates.  Nursing program manager Joan Barrese, MSN, RN, was the master of ceremonies.  Instructor Bonnie Peterson, DMP, RN, presented the pins

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