Patient care technicians graduate from MTC with professionalism

Brittany Davis speaks to PCT class at MTC

(Bradenton, FL—June 19, 2017)   The Patient Care Technician program at Manatee Technical College graduated 21 students on June 19.  Ninety-six percent (96%) of the class passed the Certified Nursing Assistant exam.  Half of the class were adults and half were dually enrolled high school students.

Class speaker Brittany Davis was one of the high school students.  “Where would we be today without this class?  I wouldn’t want to find out,” she said.  Davis graduated from Manatee High last month.  “This class opened plenty of doors for us.”  She started a job as a CNA in a nursing home earlier in the day.

One of the adult students, Ashley Huddleston, was the other speaker.  She was appreciative of the professionalism she learned from her instructor, Susan Elias.  “I have no doubt all of us will exhibit absolute professionalism because of Ms. E.”

Brittany Davis speaks to PCT class at MTC


Huddleston and fellow graduate Guillermo Cruz are going on to State College of Florida to do their pre-requisites for the RN program.  Several others will continue to the Practical Nurse or Medical Assisting program at MTC.

Some of the graduates, such as Davis, have obtained jobs as CNAs or Patient Care Associates in a hospital, doctor’s office, or long-term care facility.  Cruz has a job interview this week.

Graduate Richard Soto led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Hannah Klaue recited the Nursing Assistant’s Prayer.

Guillermo Cruz, Ashley Huddleston, and Brittany Davis PCT grads of MTC 2017


PCT class of 2017

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