What is it?

The Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) is a placement exam used to assess students’ skills in English, math and reading. Your score on the TABE will not prohibit you from entering a specific program. TABE scores simply tell Manatee Technical College what your strengths and weaknesses are and allow us to help you complete your program successfully.


Florida law requires you to pass all three sections of the TABE:

• To be admitted without reservation to the program of your choice. If you do not meet your program’s requirements, you may still be able to begin your program of choice
• To be awarded a certificate of completion. If you are unsuccessful in one part of the TABE, you are only required to retake that particular section of the exam. If your scores do not meet those required for your particular program, you may retest under the following circumstances:  You have completed the required hours of remediation or after 3 months.  TABE results are valid for two (2) years.

Procedure for all applicants without a high school diploma or its equivalent and/or applicants whose TABE scores are below the state recommended level: The Guidance Department will maintain a log of all applicants who have not earned a high school diploma or its equivalent who have been accepted into a program and will document the progress of the students. At least annually, the Guidance Department will report to the Board of Governors the progress of these students. The Board of Governors will make appropriate recommendations based on the report.


TABE Exemption

TABE Exemption: A student who entered 9th grade in a Florida public school in the 2003-2004 school year, or any year thereafter, and earned a Florida standard high school diploma or a student who is serving as an active duty member of any branch of the US Armed Services shall not be required to take the common placement test and is not required to enroll in developmental education. In addition, a student possessing a college degree at the associate in applied science level or higher is exempt from the TABE. Students enrolled in an apprenticeship program registered with the Florida Department of Education are also exempt. Any student that passes a state or national industry certification or licensure examination that is identified in State Board of Education rules and aligned to the career education program in which the student is enrolled can waive the TABE requirement.


How to Register

To register for the TABE, call or visit MTC during business hours (941.751.7900 x 1013). If scheduling by phone, a debit or credit card is required. If the TABE was taken at another location within the last two years, provide a copy to your MTC counselor.
To arrange to take a test at our East Campus, call 941-752-8100 x 0

TABE Practice

Preparing for the TABE

TABE Academic Refresher
TABE Mathematics Test Practice

TABE Reading Test Practice

TABE Algebra Test Practice
TABE Language Test Practice


Current TABE Schedule

Main Campus
June 2018
July 2018

East Campus
May 2018
April 2018

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