Canvas & Proctorio Tutorials


1. Sign up for a Canvas account as an instructor

2. Log in to Canvas

Log in at
If you need access or are having difficulty, email Linda Chamberlain at:

3. Create a course as an instructor

4. Invite students to my course
Make sure your students sign up for a Canvas account. Instructions can be found here:

5. Set up assignments for my course


Canvas Instruction Videos:


Proctorio locks down a students browser to help prevent cheating during tests. It is a secure monitoring platform that integrates with Canvas and ONLY works within the Chrome web browser. This automated system lets instructors decide which settings to use for each exam with the click of a mouse.

Proctorio’s customizable lockdown and security tools prevent unauthorized web surfing and/or content capture. All internet browsing can be blocked or specific links within the exam can be whitelisted. Proctorio prevents test distribution by restricting the ability to copy and paste, print, or save as PDF while automatically clearing caches and disabling extensions during the assessment to keep exam content secure.

Proctorio How To’s:

Proctorio Instruction Videos:

Tips and How to’s:

  • Contact your students and invite them to log in before Monday, March 30, 2020:
    I recommend you become familiar with the site first, so you are prepared to answer any questions they may have.  Remember – you have to PUBLISH the course (even if there are no assignments yet) or invitations won’t be sent to your students.
  • When creating quizzes/tests, select the Classic Quiz, not New Quizzes. Classic Quiz will enable you to integrate a lockdown browser into the system, making online testing more secure.  The lockdown extension does not work with New Quizzes.
  • You should know:  There are settings in Canvas Admin that track student activity.  Students should know that you can see each individual’s page view and activity and that you are monitoring their completion of required hours.
  • !!!!! You need to be enrolled in the Paid Canvas Account.  A Paid Canvas Account enables you to provide stats and student engagement/activity to COE.  The “Free for Teachers” version won’t provide this information.   If you’re enrolled in the Free version, you’ll need to convert to the Paid version – then you can export all your data to the Paid, trackable version.
  • Additional instructors in your course choose the role carefully.  Teachers can add, edit and delete.  TAs will be able to view and use your course, they won’t be able to add, edit or delete things. Observers can really only see the course, not interactive.  Designers are similar to teachers and have some editing, creating and deleting capacity.   Add people to your courses using the “add people” and not by sharing your username and password.
  • When you create a course and set the COURSE DETAIL, you should also create a COURSE CODE. This will enable the Canvas administrator to restore a deleted course should you need it.
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