Da Vinci Faire sparks interest at Manatee Technical College | From The Observer

Technology gurus and entrepreneurs gathered at the BarCamp Sarasota event.

Logan Miller and Jack Pullman fiddled with the complex metal contraption before them, adjusting a few spots so the robot would lift the other robot as it was programmed to do.

The two boys and their friends who watched their work attentively all attend different schools, but one thing has brought them together: robotics.

Miller of Braden River High School and Pullman of Pineview School in Sarasota met each other and their other friends when they joined a robotics league called Bobcat Brawl in North Port. While now they’ve all separated to join their own schools’ leagues, they still hang out when they can.

“We all tried it out and got hooked,” Miller said.

The group of boys met up at the 2016 BarCamp Sarasota DaVinci Faire, held Saturday, April 30 at Manatee Technical College. The event focused on science, technology and entrepreneurship.

by: Jessica Salmond Staff Writer

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