Manatee Technical College offers fast track to success for students looking for career change | From Fox13 Tampa Bay

Manatee Technical College is working to put students looking for a career change on the fast track to success. Many of the future employees’ careers were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Linda Chamberlain, a phlebotomy instructor at Manatee Technical College, teaches a six-week course. Her students learn how to draw blood and prepare blood for testing.

“I get phone calls from employers in the area. Doctor’s offices. Hospitals. So many diverse places hiring and so many places needing phlebotomists,” she said.

Her students, who will be future employees meeting those demands, have little to no out-of-pocket costs. The money comes from Governor Ron DeSantis’ emergency relief fund under the Cares Act.

“A lot of servers have come through here. A lot of industries that were very, very affected by COVID who have come in and have been able to come out very quickly and start a new career,” said Chamberlain.

Manatee Technical College offers several rapid credentialing opportunities from advanced manufacturing and production technology, truck driving to marketing management and entrepreneurial principles.

Classes can range from about six weeks to six months.Benjamin Long, a global logistics and supply chain distribution instructor with the college, said huge companies in the area are also trying to help. He said they are helping to get the program designed for what the industry needs are locally.

He said many of the companies are ready to hire students once they complete the course.

“Because of the change from brick and mortar to e-commerce and the fact that basically everything is being shipped directly to home now, there’s a massive need for people to work in industry and help with distribution,” he said.

More than 100 students have completed the rapid credentialing. They’ve earned 159 industry certifications and are entering jobs they’re ready for.

“It’s very important for the students. Everyone is trying to find their place, niche, their way into a career. This is a way to rapidly get through that program and get a high paying job quickly,” said Long.

The next classes start May 16.

For more information, visit For Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, call 941-751-7900 x 1032. For Phlebotomy, call 941-752-8100 x 2032. For CDL training, call 941-209-6800 x 2193.

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