Meet the Instructor: Marina Proskurina, Award-winning Photographer


Whose Art Work will be Published in a National Magazine to Lead Discussion on 10/23

(Bradenton, FL—October 16, 2013)  The Professional Photographer of America magazine will soon publish Wings of Galaxy, one of the creative works of Marina Proskurina, digital design instructor at Manatee Technical Institute.  Proskurina will present her work and engage guests in a discussion about the creative process at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, October 23 at MTI.

The discussion will be the first of a new series of discussions at Manatee Technical Institute called “Meet the Instructor.”  The public is invited.  The purpose of the series is to give the community the opportunity to learn more about the talented faculty at MTI, to create a stronger sense of community, and to encourage an exchange of ideas.

“My inspiration is always a night sky. I am thinking about eternity and life beyond human life,” says Proskurina. “I ask myself, ‘When the planets are moving or flying in space, do they follow God’s formula or Golden Mean?’”  Proskurina used Golden Mean Spirals and Fibonacci Spirals in the image that will be featured in the national magazine.

“It was important to find a way to show cosmic light that does not look like studio light,” she said.

Another of Proskurina’s works, Dreamweaver, was purchased by Bill Guggenheim for his private collection. Dreamweaver won the international Kodak Gallery Award in 2004.

Proskurina will share her techniques, perspectives and inspirations for her art on October 23.  She is hoping a good discussion will ensue.

The Professional Photographers of America selected Wings of Galaxy for inclusion in its 2012 National Loan Collection and selected Dynamic Geometrics for their 2013 National Loan Collection. Her work entitled Conceptual Equilibrium won a Distinguished Award in the 2013 Florida Professional Photographer’s competition.

Proskurina was named the Photographer of the Year for the Central Florida Region in 2012.  Four of Proskurina’s works were selected for awards in state and national competitions last year.  She is also a member of the International Artist Federation UNESCO.  Proskurina joined MTI’s faculty in 2012.

The discussion with Proskurina is expected to end by 8 or 8:30.  For more information about the first discussion in the “Meet the Instructor” series, please contact Maura Howl at 751-7900, ext. 1020 or MTI is located at 6305 State Road 70 East.

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