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Program Description

The purpose of the Manatee Technical College Florida Law Enforcement Academy is to prepare students for employment or advanced training as Law Enforcement Officers in the State of Florida. Law enforcement recruits will be trained in firearm proficiency, defensive driving, defensive tactics, first responder, and academic areas of criminal justice.

Successful completion of the program prepares graduates to take the State Certification Examination for Law Enforcement, the test required to become a certified law enforcement officer in the state of Florida.

SkillsUSA and/or HOSA are the approved co-curricular career and technical student organizations which provide activities for students as an integral part of the instruction by providing leadership training and reinforcing specific career and technical skills.

Career and Technical credit shall be awarded to the student on a transcript in accordance with Section 1001.44(3) (b), F.S.

Other Classes Offered:
Information regarding continuing education classes can be found on the Continuing Education page (“Law” section)

Start Date:

August, January

Program Length:

Full-Time: 770 hours – approximately 6 months to complete.


Course Number: CJK0002

Course Title: Introduction to Law Enforcement

Length: 12 hours

Course Number: CJK0016

Course Title: Communication

Length: 24 hours

Course Number: CJK0018

Course Title: Legal

Length: 64 hours

Course Number: CJK0019

Course Title: Interviewing and Report Writing

Length: 56 hours

Course Number: CJK0063

Course Title: Fundamentals of Patrol

Length: 40 hours

Course Number: CJK0021

Course Title: Serving Your Community

Length: 34 hours

Course Number: CJK0072

Course Title: Crimes Against Persons

Length: 48 hours

Course Number: CJK0073

Course Title: Crimes Involving Property and Society

Length: 12 hours

Course Number: CJK0079

Course Title: Crime Scene Follow-up Investigations

Length: 34 hours

Course Number: CJK0400

Course Title: Traffic Incidents

Length: 12 hours

Course Number: CJK0401

Course Title: Traffic Stops

Length: 24 hours

Course Number: CJK0401

Course Title: Traffic Crash Investigations

Length: 30 hours

Course Number: CJK0403

Course Title: DUI Traffic Stops

Length: 24 hours

Course Number: CJK0093

Course Title: Critical Incidents

Length: 44 hours

Course Number: CJK0020

Course Title: Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations

Length: 48 hours

Course Number: CJK0031

Course Title: First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers

Length: 40 hours

Course Number: CJK0040

Course Title: Criminal Justice Firearms

Length: 80 hours

Course Number: CJK0051

Course Title: Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics

Length: 4hours

Course Number: CJK0421

Course Title: Conducted Electrical Weapon/Dart-Firing Stun Gun

Length: 80 hours

Course Number: CJK0096

Course Title: Criminal Justice Officer Physical Fitness Training/Law Enforcement

Length: 60 hours


7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m


MTC East Campus, 5520 Lakewood Ranch Blvd., Bradenton, FL 34211.  

Pre-requisites for law enforcement applicants: Must be U.S. Citizen, 18 years of age or older, have a high school diploma or GED, pass the Florida Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT) (unless statutorily exempt), good moral character, no felony convictions involving false statements or spouse battery. Applicants must be in good physical condition, pass a drug screen, and successfully complete a polygraph, criminal history background check and pass the physical assessment test (all 5 absolute standards).

Program #P430105 CIP #0743010700

Estimated Tuition, Lab, and Fees (includes administrative fee)


Additional Fees Due Prior to Pre-Admittance

Application Fee


Background Check/Fingerprints (All for Life)




Driver’s License History


Drug Screening (All for Life)


Physical with EKG


FBAT Testing Fee


Exiting Requirements

State Officer Certification Exam


Additional Required Items (Outside Vendor)

Uniform Estimate (shirts, pants, shoes)


Estimated Total Cost of Program


Uniforms may be covered for Pell eligible students once aid has been applied to all Tuition & Fee charges.

Financial aid available depending on the student’s eligibility. zzzz

All pre-admission fees are non-refundable and not covered by Financial Aid. Prices are subject to change.
Annual fees (charged each academic year from July 1—June 30).
Textbook estimate. Current book list and prices: https://manateetech.edu/current-students/bookstore/

Tuition is $2.92 per hour for Florida residents. Tuition is $11.71 per hour for Non-Florida residents

Visit MTC Financial Aid page for more information.

Florida Department of Education: Frameworks

Possible Careers and Outlook:
33-3051.00       Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers

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(6 Months)


East Campus, Lakewood Ranch





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