Artist to kick off Manatee Technical Institute’s new discussion series (Bradenton Herald)


MANATEE  — Manatee Technical Institute, whose students have won more SkillsUSA medals than any other school in the nation for the past 10 years, has now decided to share one of the secrets of its success.

MTI has created a new series called “Meet The Instructors,” where the general public can meet an MTI instructor during a series of informal talks followed by give-and-take at the State

Road 70 campus, said Maura Howl, school grant writer and spokeswoman.

The instructor chosen to host the first event in the new series is Marina Proskurina, MTI digital design instructor, Howl said.

Proskurina’s talk called, “Wings of Galaxy: A Discussion of the Creative Process,” will be held at 7 p.m. Oct. 23 in the Wagner Auditorium of the MTI campus at 6305 State Road 70 East.

“Wings of Galaxy” is also the name of an image Proskurina created that has drawn national interest.

The image is being considered for publication in the magazine “Professional Photographer” based in Atlanta.

“Wings of Galaxy” won an Honor Award in state competition and was selected to be in the national 2013 Loan Collection of the Professional Photographers of America, Howl said.

Four of Proskurina’s works were selected for awards in state and national competitions last year. She is also a member of the International Artist Federation, UNESCO.

Proskurina’s talk is free, open to the public and dress is casual, Howl said.

Proskurina has worked at MTI for a year now after teaching design at Daytona State College. She attended Moscow State University of Arts and Industry.

“She is fascinating to talk with,” Howl said. “There will be give-and-take. That is more exciting than the thought of hearing a lecture. That is what the whole series is designed to do. She will discuss her creative process. She will talk about how she sees the world and how she is able to translate that perception into her work.”

“Wings of Galaxy” is a montage using photography and photographic software.

Proskurina said she will discuss her creative process while sharing her knowledge of cameras, printing, paper quality, software programs and many other aspects of art.

“When you work, you don’t think about meaning,” Proskurina said Sunday when asked about ‘Wings of Galaxy.’ This is my self-expression. To me, the work demanded to be done the certain way it is because the proportions just felt right to me.”

Proskurina’s interest in cosmology, however, is apparent in the work.

“When I look at ‘Wings of Galaxy’ the thing that strikes me about it is the sense of movement and connection,” Howl said. “In the cosmos, there is constant movement and everything is connected. That is what I see when I look at her work.”

“Meet The Instructors” is also scheduled to have MTI culinary instructor Jamie Gregorich, who was on “Hell’s Kitchen” on Fox Television, Howl said.

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