Manatee Tech proves worthy after other schools found wanting

A happy parent had good things to say in this letter to the editor in the Bradenton Herald:


College can be a special time of learning the career you plan to spend your life in, or it can be a brutal head-butting journey.

For instance, take my youngest daughter. She enrolled in five colleges before finding her niche.

Her first was State College of Florida in Bradenton, where the first semester, they lost her registration; her second semester, they lost her financial aid papers; her third semester, they lost her financial aid papers, but she took my advice and made a copy of them before submitting them to the college.

At this time, they had egg on their face, but each time, cancelled all classes she had enrolled in or begun, and she had to take the classes which she did not want to take or need.

Finally, she decided on Keiser University. She began classes at Keiser in medical assisting, but three months, three semesters, and $3,000 down the drain, she found out they are not accredited through the Florida University System, so none of her credits would transfer to further her studies at a state university.

Remember, they advertise they are accredited, but they are not accredited by the Florida Department of Education!

She went to two more colleges after this, which she did not like, and wound up at Manatee Technical Institute, where she was not treated like a number.

In June, she graduated from MTI in dental assisting after winning gold medals at regional, state, and national competitions. She began her first job in dental assisting in July, where she makes a very good salary, actually more than most college graduates.

She finished her education in nine months, graduating with honors, and she is very happy with her new career.

Ernie Snow



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